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Lithia Springs
Lithia springs can be a fun and relaxing place to spend an afternoon, day or an entire weekend. But is there more to this Hillsborough county spring than meets the eye? Apparently there is. More than just a local "swimming hole" Lithia Springs is a diverse habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife and an awesome example of Florida's greatest natural resource the Florida Aquifer.

Locals enjoy swimming at Lithia Major on a hot Florida afternoon.
Lithia Major and Lithia Minor
When most people think of Lithia Springs they think of the larger of the two Lithia Major. Actually Lithia Major is a small spring in comparison to the size of some of northern Florida's Springs. The average water flow of Lithia Major is approximately 24 MGD (million gallons a day) coming from a large limestone "crack" at a depth of about 10 feet.
Lithia Minor is the smaller spring and absolutely the most picturesque of the two. Located no less than 200 yards from Lithia Major, Lithia Minor is sheltered by a semi tropical canopy. There is currently no information on the water flow emitted from this particular spring.
Both springs form small runs that briefly merge together before meeting the dark waters of the once pristine Alifia River.
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